Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.

Stephen Hawking

Customer in control, technology fuelling the interaction capability, adaptatively retail tailoring the experience, global retailers showcasing their innovative models.

As the Australasian member of Ebeltoft Group, we bring to you another of this year’s ’s Retail Innovations 12 worldwide finalists, Vita Mojo.

This London based take away restaurant are a great example of seamless technology integrated for their customers. Vita Mojo is a health-focused take-away restaurant offering customisable meals. Customers choose any desired combination from among five proteins, 14 starches and vegetables and five sauces to create a meal that is suitable for their nutritional needs and preferences.

Imagine a cashless restaurant. Gone are the days of Jenny Craig kilojoule counting and Starbucks famously getting your name and order wrong.

Vita Mojo remove the need for communicating complicated orders, customised diet meal to reach your nutritional goals and significantly cutting wait times instore, while simultaneously managing to provide high-level nutritional information and pay for what you want based on set weight intervals.

vita_mojo_screengrabNow that is truly seamless technology.

Don’t worry if you forgot your wallet, simply pay through their website or via their permanently installed iPads set up as soon as you walk in at the same time select a convenient time to pick up your meal.

Vita Mojo is London’s first entirely cash-free restaurant. Customers can choose and pay for their meal online via the restaurant’s website and at the same time select a convenient time to pick it up at the store.

Payment is either online or through a contactless card. For walk-ins, the restaurant provides a row of permanently installed iPads for immediate ordering.

Next week, we will showcase another Retail Innovation 12 finalist. Stay tuned for global insights and innovation designs, worldwide.

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First published InsideRetail on September 13, 2017