WHAT we do

We are a retail advisory and consulting practice that builds retail channels and increases the performance of existing retail businesses, in all sectors,  through our customised & transformative ‘Business Fitness™’ methodologies.

Select one of our core services below to find out more about what it involves or which aspect of that service may be suitable for your business:

Consumer Insights & Retail Diagnosis

Strategic Reviews/ Strategy Workshops

Implementation & Deployment

Public speaking and motivational workshops

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WHY choose our services?

While no two retailers are the same, some of the top reasons clients choose to work with us include:

  • Desire to build a retail network.
  • Possible early or advanced signs of performance malaise.
  • Desire to expand the business.
  • Looking to enter the Australasian market.
  • Development of cross/omni-channel retail strategy.
  • Preparing the business for sale.
  • Gaining an intimate understanding of their customers.
  • Looking to improve current retail operations.
  • Uncertainty where to take the business

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Additional Services:

Ongoing support and advisory

Once we choose to work together, we are in it for the long haul. Through a series of health checks, we ensure your business continues to sustainably grow and improve.

We can also offer ad-hoc retail advisory services to new or existing clients when you are looking for the expert advice of one of our consultants. This may include;

  • Retail turnarounds
  • Retail expert legal witnesses
  • To find out more about these particular areas, please contact Brian Walker directly at 0294602882 and specify your interest in these areas.

Shopping  Centre Retail Support & Bootcamps

In this ever changing retail environment, high performing ‘fit’ retail has never been more essential to the success of the shopping centre industry. Our team of retail experts can help your centre’s retailers to improve their retailing skills and performance. From an full centre bootcamp to an individual one-on-one ‘Fit for Business’ program, contact Richard and the implementation team to find out more: 0294602882.