It’s no secret that there’s a mixed economy out there between retailers. Some are thriving with sales going through the roof – or cloud as it may be – while others are struggling to draw customers back into store. So what makes the difference between those that thrive in a post-COVID world and those that don’t?

Brian Walker, CEO of Retail Doctor Group says, “Success depends on not only having the right strategy, but also on having the right people and processes to implement that winning approach.”

Retail leaders are both born and made with the X Factor, which is measured through the core skills they have accumulated through their careers. This is all thanks to their trainers, mentors and coaches.

Every retail customer both in-store and online is a brand  “moment of truth” and the ability to capitalise and improve this moment is critical. The factors retailers need to take into account to shape a great moment is in the shop layout, category management, stock position planning, cash flow management, lifting average items per sale and growing the sales margin.

Great retailers have both knowledge and relationship skills and this will be the X Factor going forward.

Retail Doctor Group’s “Fit For Business™” Retail Training academy knows and delivers this – Built by retailers for retailers.

Maximising your people investment?
Are you enjoying 5 times return on your people investment?

“Retail Training, all based in the cloud, is heaven for retailers in a COVID environment, “ says Walker. “Team members can access modules anytime, from any device, anywhere in the world and not to mention while also practising social distancing! Employers can track their progress through our online Learner Management System or their own learning platform.”

To meet this need, Retail Doctor Group have taken their award-winning suite of Fit For Business™ modules online, to help retailers and their teams achieve the competitive edge needed not only to survive but to thrive in the modern retail era. The RDG online training program ticks a lot of boxes that retailers need today to succeed beyond COVID:

✓ An increase in sales and profit, improving operating cashflow
✓ Having everyone trained at once, creating consistency and accountability
✓ Alignment of culture and changed behaviours
✓ Confidence to convert each customer into a sale
✓ A reduction in online abandonment rates and convert more dollars.

According to the Australian Retailers Association, “Fit for Business™ programs are just what is needed by many retailers to survive the economic climate that many are currently experiencing and to bounce back through the inevitable recovery.”

For more information about the Fit for Business™ training program or to book a free Discovery Session, contact Retail Doctor Group’s Business Development Manager, Sylvia Katiforis on +61 2 9460 2882. Click here to download our product brochure.