Emotional key values

Family, Security, Caring, Harmony, Modesty

Brain & Behaviour

In the brain of the Harmoniser, the concentration of the social and cuddly hormone oxytocin is increased. The two modules “bonding” and “caring” are therefore particularly pronounced for harmonisers. On the one hand, they are cautious, but open to others. Security and harmony in the family is important to them.

Goals and drivers

Harmoniser is driven by a common goal and success of their team. Their goal is to create a harmonic working environment where they can influence the happiness of others.

They enjoy education and learning and will be driven by working with others and how they can influence the success of others.

Barriers and dislikes

The harmoniser does not like a working environment where they may be discord or confrontation amongst peers.

Strict performance targets and measures are a not favoured.

Workplace style

  • Like to work in teams.
  • Care taker
  • Will lead discussions and aim to participate in all forums.
  • Will listen to all suggestions and ideas.
  • Will agree with the majority.
  • Will ‘look after’ the team

 Organisational style

  • Organised for both themselves and others.
  • Will create means for discussion amongst groups.

Management style

The emotional system of balance is governing the personality of the harmoniser so they therefore take naturally to mediating. They work hard to create a happy environment for their team where they feel open to share and discuss ideas.

They work well with creating an emotionally safe area for people and will manage with empathy.

However they will prefer to avoid conflict or disciplinary action with their team members.

Reactions to change

Harmoniser will be open to change if others are doing it and leading the change, they will follow the majority. They will want to know

  • How will the change affect the whole group.
  • What is the greater social effect of the change

Ideal roles

  • People focussed
  • Working in teams
  • Human Resources
  • Teachers, coaches and mentors
  • Mediator