Australian Retail Innovators
Nominations Closed


Showcasing the Best in Australian Retail

In 2019, Retail Doctor Group hosted the first ever Australian Retail Innovators showcase, which is now an industry-exclusive annual event. We presented certificates to retailers who proved that their innovative approach to retail made them successful industry leaders. Brands such as T2, Chatime and IKEA were among some of our well-deserved finalists.

Retail Doctor Group’s second annual Australian Retail Innovators Showcase nominations are now open. We will once again present some of the most innovative examples of Australian retail in the upcoming whitepaper.

The 2020 finalists will demonstrate that they can successfully navigate through the unpredictable landscape of Australian retail and are steps ahead of their changing consumer.

This year, two new categories are being introduced. The 2020 categories are as follows:

  1. FMCG Brand *NEW*
    FMCG brands that leverage consumer insights effectively to create authentic and engaging consumer experiences, creating a compelling reason to buy.
  2. Digital Innovators *NEW*
    These innovative retailers utilise digital strongly in their merchandising, service, functionality and customer experience.
  3. Customer Experience
    Customer centricity is at the heart of the retailer’s offer, culture, positioning and deployment.
  4. Research & Strategy
    The retailer utilises timely and relevant marketing, global and internal insights to shape a clearly differentiated strategy.
  5. Omnichannel
    The retailer boasts a seamlessly integrated omnichannel retail execution that is innovative and adaptive.
  6. Social Cause
    The retailer embraces a strong social utility in mission, deployment and people leadership.
  7. Inspiring Leader
    Retail leaders who continuously make a memorable contribution to their retail brand, their team, or Australian retail as a whole.

We are inviting you, our retail community, to nominate your brand and/or other retail brands for inclusion in the second annual Australian Retail Innovators Showcase.

Nominations Now Closed

Stay tuned for our finalist announcements.