The team at RDG Insights have been instrumental in assisting us bringing the Tyreright brand to market while at the same time working with our management team to continually review and refocus our strategy and implementation.

Les DeCelis, CEO
Tyres4U / Tyreright 


“This is a fantastic methodology for drilling into what really matters to your customer and understanding not only how, but most importantly why they interact with your brand”.

Perry Scarfe, National Manager Business Development
Tyres4U / Tyreright 


Katharina is well aware that the world has changed in a hurry. While new technology, the explosion of product choices and new channels have been major factors, it’s the modern day, ever discerning, always-on always-connected consumer that is the major driving force. To understand the disruption across business and industry and survive the digital revolution, you have to understand your customer. You have to solve their problems and make their life easier. Katharina focuses her attention on this significant and most important ingredient. She has remarkable business acumen and is a pleasure to work with.

Dominic Byrne, Chief Digital Officer