Whats Your Biggest Business Challenge?



Ask our Retail and Consumer Experts your most challenging business problem (or how to maximise your best opportunity) and if you stump us, we’ll stump up $100 to your favourite charity for Christmas!

Ask us anything from how to understand your consumer, what are industry benchmarks for your business, to how to increase your sales per square metre.*

What do you have to lose? Either a complimentary and confidential answer to your most burning question, or $100 to the charity of your choice – it’s a win-win!

Stump us for $100 to a Charity of your Choice


Challenge Brian

CEO of Retail Doctor Group on how to be the best retailer you can be:

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Challenge Anastasia

the Consumer Insights and Brand Expert:

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Challenge David

the Retail Distribution and Planning Specialist:

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Challenge Peter

Implementation Expert with any retail operational question:

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*Closes December the 22nd. Answers are provided to the business question provided. Answers are based on information provided. Questions must have a measurable outcome. Must be a legitimate business question (not fictitious). The answer has been produced by an employee/contractor to Retail Doctor Group based on information available. We believe that the information in the answer is correct and any opinions, conclusions or recommendations are reasonably held or made at the time of its compilation, but no warranty is made to accuracy, reliability or completeness. This is a promotional campaign only and does not represent itself to offer any other complimentary services in consulting or advisory