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shop-small-logoThink big, SHOP SMALL this November

Founded by American Express, Shop Small is a movement dedicated to supporting the small businesses that are the heartbeat of our communities. Throughout November, American Express are providing offers to card members as well as promotional support, educational opportunities and financial grants to small businesses across the country by encouraging Australians to Shop Small this November. Brian Walker, Founder & CEO of Retail Doctor Group is spokesperson for Shop Small November and is pleased to be assisting this movement and provide his view on why consumers should and how they can support small businesses.

Brian’s three tips for small businesses to help attract, engage and retain customers

brian_square1. Don’t be afraid to stand out from the crowd Remember individuality in this cluttered world is what divides you from the competition. Be clear on your value proposition to the market. What promise of service or product excellence are you offering that no one else is? Once you are clear on this, don’t be afraid to take a few risks in your marketing so you can attract new customers with this promise.

2. Meet your customers on their terms There is no such thing as mass advertising anymore. Regardless of the size of your business, you must engage with each customer individually whether that’s online, offline or a mixture of both. People only ever remember how you made them feel so make each customer feel like their number one.

3. Always be on the move What’s in today is out tomorrow. Keep one eye on market trends and the other on your business’s economic health. The beauty of small business is it can afford to be nimble so never stop striving to keep your business relevant to your customers’ needs and behaviours whilst not overstretching yourself. By doing this, your customers will always be your customers.

Click here to find out more about the Shop Small November campaign for small business.

Brian Walker is a leading media commentator on retail issues, regularly appearing on ABC, Channel 9 News and A Current Affair and Channel 7 Today Tonight as well as various print and radio publications nationwide. Contact Louise Davis on 02 9460 2882 or to arrange media interviews with Brian Walker