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Based on the results of consumer insights research, retail diagnostics and/or your business and operational diagnosis, we will, together with you, develop a refined, replicable and differentiated strategic positioning. With particular focus on your retail distribution and growth planning, we assist you in building a retail strategy that is highly tailored to your organisational goals and market opportunities.

Whether you are looking to expand globally or increase growth transaction through effective omnichannel retail strategy, a strategy workshop or strategic review will ensure your whole business is aligned to reach your goal.

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Our approach:

Strategy Workshops/ Strategic Review

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The strategy workshop is facilitated by Brian Walker (Founder & CEO of Retail Doctor Group) along with key executives to distill all current insights into the formation of a strategic positioning for the business.

This strategic review is a structured process to identify new value creating opportunities within a business. This could be about improving the performance of an existing division, or taking advantage of a new market adjacency opportunity. Many retailers undertake strategic reviews on an annual basis as part of their strategic planning process. Other businesses will undertake them on a more ad hoc basis when presented with a specific opportunity or problem within the business.

A change of ownership or appointment of a new CEO can often trigger the need for a strategic review of the business as a way to clarify the key areas of opportunity and challenges within the existing portfolio. Whatever its origins, a strategic review provides an opportunity to step back from day-to-day operations to assess the strategic foundations on which a business is built.

The outcome of a strategic review will be a clear set of strategic recommendations and a future road-map for your business that charts its course and enables increased and sustained performance now and for the future.

Using the same business fitness™ tools that have helped over 400 retailers to date, we facilitate and guide the strategic planning process including:

  • Presentation of consumer insights and discussion of findings and implications.
  • Review of the brand proposition and differentiation.
  • Competitive marketplace considerations including composition, trends and opportunity analysis.
  • Review of category trends.
  • SWOT – understanding both context and learning’s to date.
  • Cross channel preparedness and capability in key ‘fitness’ dimensions.
  • Preparing the organisation for growth and change.
  • Retail operations alignment to insights and strategy.
  • Effective people, culture, capability and alignment to strategy.
  • Operational benchmarks and performance measurement.

WHY undertake a strategic review?

When conducted well, a strategic review can deliver significant benefits to a business. In addition to the direct financial benefits of improving performance and targeting new growth opportunities, the process itself can improve alignment between employees, senior management teams and other key stakeholders, helping to drive a high performance culture and clarity on the future direction of the business.


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