Consumer Personality Profiling

logo_personality_blueOur Number 1 Insights Product!

Neuro-psychological consumer personality profiling is our most popular product. Based on award winning research, this product has been used by leading manufacturers and retailers in Europe and Australasia for over 10 years. On implementation of Limbic methodology our clients have seen numerous benefits with strong ROI including up to 75% increase in brand preference. Find out more about tapping into the power of the subconscious below or learn more about the power of the limbic system directly from one of our insights team.

What’s really driving consumer decisions?

pexels-photo-27411Do you ever wonder why when in a store, you are attracted to one certain product over 200 others on the shelf?

Our behaviour is influenced by many processes which we are not aware of and this has enormous implications for creating behavioural change.

In fact, up to 95% of our decision-making takes place below the radar of the consciousness.

Consequently, classic approaches of demographic profiling simply don’t work because they try to speak to consumers as rational beings – but there is no such thing as a rational being or consumer. We certainly all like to believe we are predominantly rational, but in fact, we are not!

Purchase decisions are predominantly determined by intuitive, subconscious processes. Different personality types and drivers are determined in the subconscious limbic mind and decide about which brands, products and stories we are attracted to, where we shop and who we share our experiences with.

To understand your customers or your potential customers we combine quantitative research methodologies into your customer database or general consumer market via online panel studies with consumer neuroscience methodologies to unveil who your core target markets really are (Limbic® Insights) and how you can excite them with products, services, marketing communications and store designs that hit the mark.

how it works

Understand Your Customers

pexels-photo-101584Who is your existing core market?

What are their needs and subconscious drivers, and how can you keep them coming back to you?

To uncover who your customers really are we research into your existing customer base (via online database surveys or intercept interviews) with a combination of quantitative research methodologies and consumer neuroscience (neuro-personality profiling, limbic insights) to get an intimate understanding who they really are and what matters with them.


  • Obtaining a clear view on your customer personality types, needs & subconscious drivers
  • Identifying key customer segments
  • Identifying consumers competitive choice set and brand perceptions
  • Actionable customer profiles to inform strategic planning, marketing, communications, website, product development and retail operations.


  • Reduce wastage of your marketing budget, increase customer connection through all touch-points of your retail ecosystem and relevance in all aspects of brand communications.

Win More Customers

pexels-photo-42384Who is your potential market?

What is your ideal strategic positioning in a fast moving marketplace?

Firstly, to understand how to best strengthen or grow your brand we need to understand the general consumer market and where your category is going.

We combine large, nationally representative consumer samples with consumer personality profiling and brand association testing to get the answers to your questions and to predict a reliable market.


  • Clear view on consumer behaviour, perceptions, attitudes and preferences in your category
  • Understand your true current place in consumers’ minds including associated emotions and benefits
  • Identification of consumers competitive choice set and drivers as to why
  • Produce actionable consumer profiles to inform strategic planning, marketing, communications, website, product development and retail operations.


  • Win more customers and understand how to best grow your brand – based on sound scientific insights.
  • Grow your business both nationally or globally on the right channels to appeal to your target audience.

Build Your Brand

build-your-brand-mapWhat does your brand really mean to consumers?

In the midst of competitive challenges and rapid lifestyle changes, how can your brand continue to renew itself without giving up what it stands for among consumers?

 In our experience, often the way marketers see their brand isn’t actually how consumers see the brand. To develop an effective brand strategy gaps must be identified and closed.

We apply a 2 step process:



  • Understand how your brand is truly positioned in consumers and stakeholders minds in order to build a profitable and sustainable strategy to move your brand forward.

Limbic POS Design®

its-all-naturalYou have 3 seconds to attract customers into the store

Is your store format attracting your target market?

Understand the conscious and subconscious impact of your store

Companies spend hundreds of thousands on store design and fit out. But how would you know if it resonates with your target market? This can’t be left to taste or personal opinion – test it, know exactly and predict whether it will attract more of the right people / and thereby potential new customers into your stores.

After assessment and strategic planning, we also work with limbic trained store designers to design retail stores and fit outs that connect with the core target shoppers.

Additional services: Professional Workshops

Boardroom insights

Bring your board or executive team up to speed with this interactive workshop which advises on latest consumer and category trends to oversee and direct strategic decision making.

Our boardroom insights workshops are all tailored to your sector and specific business challenges, and are fuelled by the latest knowledge from consumer psychology and neuroscience about how shoppers make decisions. It calls on our knowledge of global best practice, consumer trends, industry benchmarks and retail innovation studies relevant to your category.

pexels-photo-57825Strategy workshop

Here we create a strategic positioning and implementation roadmap based on insights obtained.

Our strategy workshops typically follow a primary research stage. After having obtained the consumers’ perspective with one of our research programs, we then workshop with the executive team to interpret the research findings and determine the brand platform and marketing implementation roadmap going forward.

Every retail business is different. As with all of our services, we tailor each product to each client’s unique business needs and goals. Contact the consumer insights team today  to take your first step to increasing the fitness of your retail business.