Retail Insights Services

The over arching goal of this stage is to inform you as to current consumer perceptions, types of consumers most attracted to your offer and what the opportunities for growth in your business and category are both domestically and internationally.

Do you want to:

  • Understand current and future ideal target segments (including personality types & demographics)?
  • Gain an understanding of your consumer’s motivations, drivers and barriers?
  • Calculate levels of current brand awareness and brand image?
  • Explore location vs brand as a driver to consumer choice?
  • Increase  your performance above best practice benchmarks?
  • Find the ‘fittest’ positioning, marketing, retail channels & messages that will achieve the highest impact within your identified key segments?
  • Understand market global and domestic trends and opportunities coupled with internal culture and capability?

If you’ve answered yes to any of the above, contact the consumer insights team here to find out which service is most suitable for your business.


1. Consumer Insights:021215 dick smith

  • Neuro-psychological consumer personality profiling
  • Customer research
  • Brand and advertising tracking
  • Strategic brand positioning
  • Customer experience development
  • Customer connection checks / mystery shopping
  • Australian consumer studies

Everyone will agree that you can’t be in the retail business without your customers. Interestingly, over the years, we realised our clients were often missing an intimate knowledge of the very people they exist for.

To understand your customers or your potential customers we combine quantitative research methodologies into your customer database or general consumer market via online panel studies with consumer neuroscience methodologies to unveil who your core target markets really are and how you can excite them with products, services, marketing communications and store designs that hit the mark.

Neuro-psychological consumer personality profiling is our most popular product. Based on award winning research, this product has been used by leading manufacturers and retailers in Europe and Australasia for over 10 years. On implementation of our methodology our clients have seen numerous benefits with strong ROI including up to 75% increase in brand preference. Find out more about tapping into the power of the subconscious and our other unique consumer insights tools below.

Click here to find out more about our unique consumer insights tools and methodologies.

ebeltoft world2. Global Insights:

  • Global consumer studies
  • Global retail best practice and trend reviews
  • Global sector bench marking
  • Invitation to join RDG at global conferences and retail tours such as the NRF ‘Big Show’ in New York

Retail Doctor Group are the Australian elected member of the Ebeltoft Group. On all client projects we work closely with our partners around the world to gain detailed insight into global best practice trends and examples within your sector. We review your marketplace and competitor offering, utilising our proprietary global consumer studies, and bench marketing platforms.

With 20 local offices, the Ebeltoft Group operate in more than 22 countries and serve clients from around the world. Get in touch to find out more about global insights, opportunities or for more information on our country specific partners.

ebeltoft offices

our business

3. Your Business Insights

  • Distribution planning – format, location, market- identifying existing key success factors
  • Financial analysis- identifying performance against sector benchmarks
  • Human resource structures-Capability and culture to change
  • Retail strategy articulation to date.
  • Tactical implementation plans.
  • Business performance reporting that is available to date.
  • Current agreements.
  • Store presentation.
  • Assessment of consumer touch points during this process including marketing, advertising, and external customer contribution.
  • Internal strategy alignment, social and economic purpose.
  • Retail Benchmarks

Understanding, planning and implementing retail business fitness plans requires an intimate knowledge of the moving parts in a retail business. With a methodology involving executive interviewing, market insights, industry reports and exclusive industry bench marking tools, we are able to assess the current status of your retail business and build our insights into a profitable and sustainable strategy.

Retail Doctor Group are proud to hold an exclusive partnership with the Australian Retail Index, the nation’s only platform for on-the-pulse data on the % change in daily retail sales, across four key industry sectors providing real data in the moment. If you’re interested in finding out if your metrics are where they should be, click here for more information.

uniqlo4. Operational Diagnosis

  • Designed by Retail Doctor Group, this program takes an in depth look at all areas of the business from the strategic intent, current and desired performance vs KPI’s through to the tactical operational delivery at store level.
  • Following intensive one-on-one time with the retailer to understand and diagnose the areas for improvement, a fitness plan is developed which reflects the priority issues in the business and recommended solutions to ultimately increase sales and profitability.
  • This report details an implementation timeline and ongoing focuses for the business for each of the ‘Fit for Business’ modules.