RETAIL INNOVATIONS 12: It’s All About The Customer

Now in its 12th year, Retail Innovations brings together the best of innovative retailing from around the world together with insightful commentary from Ebeltoft Group international retail experts.  Retail Doctor Group is pleased to announce the launch of Retail Innovations 12, now available as a download for interested parties within the Australian market.

Retail Innovations 12 is titled “Innovating for Customers”, which is more relevant than ever with the continuing intimate involvement of customers in driving innovation and forcing change in retail globally.

The four “hot trends” of the year are:

  • Smart Shopping
  • Interactions
  • Brand Intensity
  • Responsibility

Now more than ever, access to the best global insights and best practice is business critical for organisations of all sizes, increasingly finding themselves under siege from modern and unexpected competition and changing consumer behaviour.  If you have not done so already, check out Boardroom Briefings here to see how you can inspire your senior leadership team to the future of retail.

This year’s global sponsor of Retail Innovations 12 is the International Council of Shopping Centers.

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