Retail Implementation Services

Retail implementation is where we turn your insights led strategy, into action!

For those that have worked with us through a consumer or business insights diagnosis, followed by a strategic review or strategy workshop, we develop your implementation roadmap – “the fitness plan”.

This plan includes the solutions and action points required to reach your desired goals, highlights priorities, quick wins and long term plans within an implementation timeline. This implementation timeline aligns your insights driven strategy to actionable solutions. If required, our implementation division can provide ‘hands-on’ services such as training, mystery shopping, visual merchandising etc.

Additionally, all of our implementation services are available separately, and may interest retail businesses, franchise networks or shopping centres seeking to:

  • streamline back of house category management processes
  • improve retail selling skills on the shop floor
  • mystery shop under performing retail stores
  • find quick wins to increase stock turn and profitability
  • monitor and improve visual merchandising
  • increase staff engagement or develop a coaching/mentoring program
  • develop a loyalty program
  • assess the net worth of your business
  • improve financial performance
  • explore in-store digital solutions
  • increase your omni-channel capabilities

Operational solutions

Recommended solutions may include some of the programs below (also available separately)

Effective People

Brand Aid

  • Brand monitoring
  • Visual impact merchandising solutions
  • The internal brand (company culture)
  • Marketing / promotional planning

Customer Connection

Category Cardio

Omnichannel Mix/
Building the ‘retail ecosystem’

  • Assessment of Omnichannel capabilities
  • In-store digital strategies
  • The customer’s digital journey to purchase

Fiscal Physical

  • Understanding true profitability
  • Assessing net worth of your business
  • Improving financial performance

Individual programs will be proposed depending on your independent ‘fitness plan’.

Our implementation division provides a range of solutions, based on your budget, to ensure sustainable change and continuous improvement is achieved in your business.


RDG Photo 1Ongoing support and advisory

Once we choose to work together, we are in it for the long haul. Through a series of health checks, we ensure your business continues to sustainably grow and improve.

We can also offer ad-hoc retail advisory services to new or existing clients when you are looking for the expert advice of one of our consultants.

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