Amazon's Impact on Australian Consumer Behaviour


The lead up to the launch of Amazon Australia sent the retail industry into disruption. Retail Doctor Group has tracked consumer perceptions and gathered industry leading insights to answer some key questions regarding Amazon’s impact on the Australian retail landscape:

  • How has Amazon’s arrival in Australia actually impacted consumer and retailer behaviour?
  • What are the nation’s thoughts and reactions to this change in our retail landscape?
  • What are our retailer’s strategies to take on Amazon?

Our Consumer Insights Division, in partnership with Lightspeed, conducted research with Australian consumers and retailers to see what their perceptions and anticipated behaviours were both prior to and post the launch of Amazon.

We found that, since Amazon’s Launch in Australia…


These original research findings have been presented by RDG’s Head of Insights, Anastasia Lloyd-Wallis, at the Market Research for a Mobile World APAC Conference in Singapore in June, and the Fit for Business Breakfast for Retailers in July 2018.

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