RDG Implementation: Retail Training


Based on the Retail Doctor Group’s internationally recognised Fit for Business Content

Best in breed retail coaching. Proven methodologies. Maximum return.

Online Training
Online retailer training modules in each of the key areas to be a successful retailer. Tailored to your business. Hosted on your LMS or Retail Doctor Groups learning platform.

Face to Face Training
Workshops conducted in a classroom environment to support online learning. Fully customised to suit your specific business needs.

Retail Coaching
One-on-one retailer coaching with an experienced RDG Consultant. Effective for users who may require further improvement or as a reward for users who show a keen interest in a specific topic.

Webinars and Case Studies
Online sessions using real life examples, users are asked key questions to reflect on and respond to. Supporting evidence can be submitted for the Trainer to assess competency.

Is our retailer training program right or you?

Would you like to:

✓ Increase sales and profit and improve your operating cashflow?
✓ Reduce the retail training time needed to develop your team?
✓ Take the expense and logistics out of physical training?
✓ Have everyone trained at once improving consistency and accountability?
✓ Achieve an alignment of culture and changed behaviors?
✓ Upskill your team so they feel confident to convert each customer into a sale?
✓ Deliver an outstanding customer experience?
✓ Reduce your abandonment rates online and convert more dollars?

“After many years of consulting and advising on best practice retailing, both domestically and internationally, we have taken our proven Fit For BusinessTM programs and products and evolved them into a series of online retail training modules. They are now easily accessible to you and your teams for
Best Practice Retail
anywhere, anytime.” Sylvia Kataforis, Business Development Manager – RDG Training Academy
Sylvia Katiforis - Retail Doctor

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