Hi, and welcome to the latest instalment of the Future of Retail podcast series.
In todays session, we are delighted to have Futurist and Innovation Expert – Craig Rispin join RDG CEO, Brian Walker in delivering some insightful connections for the world of tomorrow speaking on Robotics and Automation.

Through such topics as the what the Democratising of AI and robotics really means for us, Facebooks push into the metaverse, and why in the world of today, we have to look at certain things in retail that can help us and enable us into the future.

Craig Rispin is a Business Futurist and Innovation Expert his expertise is in emerging business, people and technology trends – and how companies can profit from them. For over 20 years, Craig has worked where the future has been created – with some of the most innovative companies in the world in the IT, consumer electronics, internet and broadcasting industries.

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