We work closely with a number of leading specialists to ensure you’re implementing the ‘fittest’ solutions to help your business reach your desired goals and objectives.

The services we can offer include:

  • Mystery Shopping
  • Consumer Satisfaction
  • Store Design & Fit-out
  • POS systems and stock control management
  • Online retail training solutions
  • Capital raising, growth funding, and refinancing
  • Retail leasing
  • Experience design
  • Retail recruitment

Find out more about our recommended industry partners below. If you’re interested in one of the services below, contact us here for an introduction.

Mystery Shopping: True Logic


truelogic is a software development company that provides web-based platforms for email marketing and mystery shopping. Retail Doctor Group work closely with True Logic’s mystery shopping solutions to organise and monitor our own mystery shopping program through our web-based scheduling and reporting system.



Consumer Satisfaction & feedback: RateIt

On the spot customer feedback.

Understanding your customers is more important than ever.

We help you consistently deliver great customer experiences by gathering NPS & customer comments via our engaging touchscreens & sending you the insights that matter.

Find out more at www.rateitapp.com


Design & Shop Fit: Greater Group


Retail Doctor Group regularly work closely with Greater Group to utilise our combined expertise to deliver high impact, high return stores. From Design Solution to Design Delivery, we work with Greater Group on; Concept Design, 3D Rendered, Video Documentation, Signage and Graphics, Digital Innovation, Prototyping, Value Engineering, Budget and Timeline, Manufacture, Ethical Sourcing, Quality Control, Installation, Logistics and Freight.



POS systems and stock control software: Retail Express


Seriously smart inventory control for growing retailers.

From importing, re-ordering, store replenishment, stock transfers, fulfillment, centralized product administration, price and promotion management – we make it easy – the way retail should be!

Find out more at www.retailexpress.com.au


Online Training Solutions: Redseed


Redseed provide effective cloud-based training solutions with video demonstrations showcasing all the essential customer service and selling skills your staff need to be the best. ‘By merging the best of ‘face to face’ training, the internet (the cloud) and a few of our own magic touches we’ve reimagined retail training. We’ve built a system to deliver our customised off-the-shelf courses, or any bespoke training programmes, that’s smarter, increases engagement, embeds training culture and offers a greater insight into training performance.’

Find out more at www.redseed.com


Capital Raising, Growth Funding & Refinancing: Hunter Bay Capital


Hunter Bay have a team of experts who works with shareholders, the board and the executive team to achieve their business objectives including:

  • Trade sale of their business
  • Initial Public Offering on the stock exchange
  • Mergers and Joint Ventures
  • Capital raising
  • Expansion into new overseas markets
  • Project specific financing

Find out more at www.hunterbaycapital.com.au

Retail Leasing: The Leasing Department

The Leasing Department provides specialist leasing and property services to independent, multi-site and franchise retail tenants Australia wide.We partner with our clients’ to understand their business objectives so that we can align lease negotiations and provide other property services that deliver bottom line benefits over the life of their lease.
Our areas of expertise include:

The Leasing Department is the preferred supplier of leasing and tenancy services to clients of RDG. We are a cost effective alternative to an in-house property and leasing team; and can partner with existing in-house teams to provide advice and support on a project basis.

Visit our website here to find out more.

Experience Design: e2

e2 takes a customer-centric, creative approach to help brands and business innovate and grow.

  • We create end–to-end, integrated experience strategies that attend to the functional needs and emotional desires of customers.
  • We bring into being spaces, places and interactive experiences that bring brands and businesses to life.
  • We make creativity genuinely collaborative and highly contagious to help brands and businesses build creative capacity and drive innovation.

Find out more at: http://www.e-2.com.au/


Recruitment: Trak HR Consulting

Trak HR Consulting offers a suite of specialist boutique HR solutions including outsourced HR services from Director to Administrator level to retail organisations.

We concentrate around the themes of:

  • Attraction, Engagement and Retention,
  • Performance Management and Compliance,
  • Leadership and Development,
  • Talent Management and Succession planning,
  • HR strategy for start ups and established businesses,
  • Project based HR such as Retention, Talent Management, Policy and Procedure development,
  • Coaching – Executive and strategic Human Resources coaching to develop individuals and teams

Our objective at Trak HR Consulting is to deliver positive financial outcomes by adding real dollars to your bottom line and delivering quantifiable ROI.

To learn more about how Trak HR Consulting can assist your business, please refer to the website; http://www.trakrecruiting.com/services/