Consumers can now purchase on the go, anywhere, at any time and they expect retailers to be there.

In this second case study for the NRA Digital Business Kits, Brian Walker, CEO and Founder of Retail Doctor Group shares the top trends in mobile retailing and how retailers around the world are implementing mobile retailing solutions.

  1. Near Field Communications
  2. Augmented Reality
  3. Image Recognition
  4. Location Based Technology

Near Field Communications

Smart phones are now being made with technology that allows us to make payments just by tapping our phones. The technology is called NFC or Near Field Communication and it allows devices to connect with each other at short distances.

Augmented Reality

Using augmented reality technology, it is now possible to bring the retail world out of the physical or online realm and into the virtual world. Shoppers can now use their mobile phone to access virtual stores and visualise items in their environments.

Image Recognition

Image recognition turns the world into one big shop window.

The technology allows consumers to perform visual searches for products they point their device at – allowing consumers to find and scan products quickly and easily, helping to further bridge the gap between the high street and online.

Location Based Technology

Retailers are beginning to use technology such as geofencing and ibeacons to speak to the shopper right where they are at that moment.