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We’re regularly crossing borders and time zones to harness the knowledge of the world’s leading retailers, consultancies and agencies.

About Ebeltoft Group

Ebeltoft Group Logo (Horiz)In 2009, Retail Doctor Group was honoured to accept the appointment as the Australasian member of the Ebeltoft Group of International Retail Experts. Ebeltoft Group is the alliance of 20 leading retail consulting companies worldwide. Today, members of the Ebeltoft Group network advise 80 of the 100 largest retail companies in the world.

Our global relationships put us in a position to recognize international retail trends early and to capitalize on them quickly. As a group, we are able to advise globally operating retail companies and manufacturers of consumer goods worldwide with the highest quality of consulting services such as global research studies and international expansion planning.

Ebeltoft Group conducts various global research and benchmark studies on topical retail issues.