Retailer Training


Motivate, Educate, Elevate

Our proprietary Fit for Business™ Program is a comprehensive business assessment, training and coaching program that’s designed to motivate and educate you to be the best retailer you can be.

You will be engaging in tailored, one-on-one coaching sessions with retail expert and Head of Implementation, Peter Sheppard, who will provide you with:

  1. Initial skill assessment with proprietary Fit for Business™ scoring instrument
  2. Practical tools & training for sustained improvement over a 6 month period
  3. Ongoing coaching with tailored advice & support customised to your business

Get Fit for Business™

  • Big-picture perspective: identify the gap between current delivery and required best practice for your industry.
  • Detailed operational playbook: pin point the exact areas for improvement to increase performance in sales, profitability and cash flow.
  • Foundational understanding: performance analysis against target and current national benchmarks.
  • Independent expert perspective: measure your business against best practice and industry standards.
  • Fill the gaps: identify the steps needed to close the gaps between current profitability, cash flow and benchmarks.
  • Step-by-step mentoring: expert advice on priorities and how to work them into the module framework with clear “how to steps”.
  • Ongoing relationship: long-term orientation through ongoing mentoring and providing highly measurable solutions.

With a combined experience of over 100 years, RDG experts have worked with over 400 businesses from start-ups to national & global omni-channel retailers, retail service providers, shopping centres and not-for-profit organisations. We guarantee our retail experts can drive better outcomes for your business.

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Fitness Action Program for Shopping Centres

Invest in training your retailers to build a stronger shopping centre, reduce retailer issues and improve your asset value.

Our Shopping Centre Fitness Action Program combines a series of group workshops with one-on-one coaching sessions for the retailers you nominate, conveniently delivered right in your centre. Click here for more information.

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