Digital Retail Insights

In order to automate and integrate your business processes and customer experience, we will provide an independent expert analysis. The digital insights we uncover will include all digital touchpoints from both a back office and front office point of view. These include: system architecture review, data capture model, data tagging, marketing integration, systems integration and omni-channel capability.

Our Programs

Our digital insights for retail businesses can help make your systems high-performing, redundant and scalable.
Optimise costs – Save money by paying for what you use based on a utility model.

Set your data capture points to track and measure your effectiveness in marketing and back office operational efficiency. The richer the data model the greater the value of your database and your decision making.

Use workflows / bots to automate and respond to high-performing marketing activities and divert budgets automatically. ‘Always on’ marketing ensures your brand is front of mind for the customer 24/7.

Integrate inventory management to ensure real-time syncing of sales/refunds and replenishments to create an eco-system that allows for click and collect, ship from store, partial shipments and optimised cost routing. Deliver the experience your customers will love.

Have a true picture of your website’s performance. Measure digital cost per acquisition, conversion rate, return on digital ad spend. These metrics will ensure you keep your eye on the “digital” ball.

Remove old legacy systems and be confident about your technology/platform choices while having data connectors that ensure your systems talk to each other harmoniously. It will future proof your business and prevent you getting bogged down into tech debt.

360 view of a customer is achieved through a CRM tool to understand the consumer behaviour touch points across the sales and nurturing journey. Define true segments of your customers so you can personalise the message and experience.

Don’t know what the next step is for your digital systems or digital strategy? We will help you understand and navigate the landscape to ensure a strong roadmap is tied back to business goals and implementation.


✓ Digital Roadmap / Strategy Consultancy
✓ Platform/System Selection and Evaluation- e.g Email Marketing, Shipping Systems, etc
✓ Cloud Based Architecture – keeping your data safe
✓ “Big Data”Capture and Usage – e.g Rich Customer Data
✓ Digital Marketing Automation / Attribution
✓ Data Feed Catalog
✓ Online Store Optimisation / Increase Digital Sales
✓ Warehouse Improvement / Integrated Inventory Management
✓ In-Store Digital Experience
✓ Omni-Channel Fulfillment / POS Integration
✓ Online Conversion and Performance Analytics
✓ Modular Systems / APIThinking
✓ Mobile-First Strategic Approach
✓ Digital Content Publication / Syndication
✓ Customer Loyalty / Acquisition
✓ Customer Engagement

Their knowledge and involvement in the digital space puts them are at the forefront of this field and therefore have been able to recommend highly specialised associated organisations to partner with us in our total digital strategy.
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