RDG Consumer Insights


What consumer insights do you most wish to gain?

Different consumers need different experiences

At RDG Insights, we leverage the latest research on human decision-making to create an actionable competitive advantage for retailers and brands. We combine classic market research methodology with consumer neurosciences and specialised retail knowledge to tell you what your consumers can’t.

Actionable Customer Insights

We understand your core market, their subconscious drivers and what your brand really means to consumers. Importantly we help you leverage these insights to enhance your strategic positioning and deploy actionable improvements in your retail environment.

Gain a deeper understanding in:


Core Consumer Segments

Your brand specific consumer personality profiles.
What is the market appetite?
Who is attracted to your offering?


Growth Segments

Who are your potential consumers?​
What are their personality profiles?
How do you reach and convert them most effectively?


Brand Image

What does your brand stand for in consumers' minds?​​
How to most effectively position the brand through targeted marketing and branding. ​
What is the ideal future positioning?


Consumer Behaviour and Motives

Their paths to purchase (what channels they use).


Concept Testing

Which brand and format treatments connect effectively with identified core segments?​

Our clients have seen a 20% increase in brand awareness and up to 75% increase in brand preference. This is the missing link between understanding the real drivers of consumer behaviours, strategic branding and operational implications at the point of sale.


✓ Consumer research (B2B, B2C)
✓ Insights personality profiling
✓ Qualitative research (Online & F2F)
✓ Quantitative research
✓ Exit Surveys
✓ Reaction time testing
✓ Executive profiling
✓ Focus Groups (Online & F2F)
✓ Video insights
✓ Product / Marketing testing
✓ Tracker studies
✓ Brand and advertising tracking
✓ Strategic brand positioning
✓ Consumer experience development
✓ Consumer connection checks
✓ Mystery shopping
✓ Australian consumer studies

1. Choose who you are trying to understand (e.g. your current consumers) and we’ll develop the right sample and research design.

2. Delve into their minds…

3. To create actionable insights and consumer profiles.

4. Inspire your consumers with a meaningful brand & make predictive decisions. We work with you to pilot, refine & measure ROI over time.