Business Insights


In order to help you be the best retailer you can be, Retail Doctor will provide analysis of your business performance using our proprietary Fit for Business™ scoring system. Our Fit for Business™ scoring system diagnoses all areas of the business from strategic intent, to current and desired performance, through to the tactical operational delivery.


Strategy Sensor

Strategy & operational alignment for growth positioning, point of difference, business replication capability.
Your key business goals/project deliverables.


Brand Aid™

Integrated communication channels, message on brand.


Customer Connection

Customer satisfaction and service / compliance.


Effective People

Metrics, alignment to strategy, capability and KPI's.


Category Cardio™

Working capital performance and ratio returns.


Fiscal Physical™

Interpreting financials vs industry benchmarks.


Visual Impact

Impact and relevance of in-store experience (based on store visits).


Omni Channel Mix

Identify your ideal mix of channels to market.


✓ Distribution planning – format, location, market – identifying existing key success factors
✓ Financial analysis – identifying performance against sector benchmarks
✓ Human resource structures – capability and culture to change
✓ Retail strategy articulation to date
✓ Tactical implementation plans
✓ Business performance reporting
✓ Store presentation
✓ Digital in-store integration
✓ Assessment of consumer touch points during this process including marketing, advertising, and external customer contribution
✓ Internal strategy alignment, social and economic purpose
✓ Retail Benchmarks