Coles is making a bold bid to steal the fresh food crown from Woolworths while also fending off a produce-focus launch of new-look Aldi stores.

In the wake of being caught lying about the freshness of their bread and being fined millions for poorly treating suppliers, Coles has launched a new campaign to refresh its appearance.

Coles spokeswoman Martine Alpins told A Current Affair the supermarket giant wanted to prove their fresh fruit and vegetables credentials and said the supply chain had been streamlined to reduce prices and improve quality.

 “We’re investing in our fresh produce more than we ever have before, it’s all about understanding the journey our fresh food makes from the farm right to the supermarket shelf,” Ms Alpins said.

The latest move in the supermarkets war comes as Aldi prepares to roll out more of its refurbished stores that have already proved a success in the western Sydney suburb of McGraths Hill.

The discount supermarket that has gradually snaffled up market share from Woolworths and Coles has taken inspiration from its rivals, placing a bakery and fresh produce at the front of its stores, a deviation from its typical layout.

Aldi plans to roll out the concept nationally with new stores opening in Perth and Adelaide this year.

Retail Doctor Group founder Brian Walker said it was a strategic move by Aldi that would further threaten Woolworths and Coles.

“Aldi are number three and growing in the supermarket sector,” Mr Walker said.

“They are disrupting supermarket retailing.”

“They’re going to grow another 250 stores, they’re a really serious competitor in Australian supermarkets.”
First published on Channel 9 News on 14/07/15