BP Solar engaged the services of RDG  to assist us in a strategic realignment of our distribution channel strategy as well as driving increased penetration vs. our competitors through the multi-brand retail network we sell to. We used the ‘Get Retail Fit’ program coupled with a series of presentations and workshops with our senior team and key distributors and retailers.

Brian’s personal commitment to the project, along with a competent team, was impressive. I’m still amazed with how his initial diagnostic ‘nailed’ our challenges in such a short space of time, experience tells! What I found particularly useful was the insight and ideas the team generated from the workshops with our distributors. Not only did we get a solid set of long-term strategies and solutions to improve the effectiveness of our existing channel but the process involved and engaged our network, proving highly motivational and deepening loyalty to our brand.

Their personal delivery style was very adept at getting our retailers on side with the need for change and making them individually realise that they couldn’t, and shouldn’t, leave all the heavy lifting to us. Consistent use of industry benchmarking data was a very powerful and persuasive tool in this regard.

We also asked Brian to present the findings from the research and key findings to a room of 350 of our installer network at the annual conference – he had them captivated, engaged, thinking, enthused and in some cases embarrassed (and rightly so). Be warned, however, as he was a pretty hard act to follow!

We subsequently retained RDG to work with us in an on-going capacity to develop our distributor and installer network. I can wholeheartedly recommend the ‘Get Retail Fit’ process to anyone and, the larger and more diverse your business, the more important it becomes.

Douglas Smith, Sales and Marketing Manager

BP Solar