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Retail has never been more turbulent with underlying seismic change upon us.
As a board member, CEO or executive charged with the strategic destiny of your business, understanding category relevant insights and global trends are crucial to developing adaptive, investment prudent, deployment strategies.

Understanding changes in:

• Key sector opportunities and threats
• Consumer mobility and influence
• The retail “ecosystem” design and its influence on all branded footprints
• Your changing customer journey
• Format growth strategy
• Technology and appropriate BIS system architecture
• Retail forecasts and predictions
• How to accelerate your business investment and value
• The steps of Fit for Business™ to ensure the right strategic deployment.

Brian Walker, CEO and founder of Retail Doctor Group, has successfully led change teams in ecosystem driven retail arenas. He has been instrumental in the development and implementation of many notable, integrated retail channel strategy projects including, Optus, Global Brands Group, National Australia Bank and a host of other well recognised retail, franchise retail and service organisations both nationally and internationally.

Brian is a highly polished and engaging senior executive presenter. He provided a briefing to our full board and executive workshop, covering key aspects of the global retail ecosystem, competitive landscape, and projections on how this would impact on the Australian marketplace, particularly the sector we operated in. This was combined with the changing customer journey that highlighted key sector opportunities and methods of appropriate engagement. This 360° view of the issues, impacts, and opportunities, allowed excellent and fully informed discussion around the existing strategy and eventually a clear framework for our future strategy development and direction.”

Peter Knock, Co-op Bookshop

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