A new survey from consumer research group Canstar Blue indicates that Queenslanders are buying private-label products more than any other state.

Queenslanders spent on average $133 per week on groceries while New South Wales spent $144, Western Australia spent $146, South Australia spent $139, Tasmania spent $138 and Victoria spent just $132.

Based on the responses of 556 Queensland shoppers, 60 per cent said they viewed private-label products as being on par with the quality offered by ‘big brand’ products.

Brian Walker, founder of the Retail Doctor Group, said that private-label products are of increasingly high quality.

“What the study shows us is that the majority of Queenslanders are leading the way in terms of hunting out the bargains – quite like home brand products.

“There’s some astute shoppers and there’s no doubt the brand quality is pretty good.

“The other thing with home brands is this whole question mark about the basic standards required – the basic level of sugar, carbohydrates, whatever it might be – it’s all pretty regulated now.”


First aired on 4BC on November 3rd 2015

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