Brian Walker RDG CEO comments on active wear in current  fashion “It very much a movement towards this more casual form and function of clothing. In many cases [retailers] are following Lorna Jane’s lead”

Active wear brand Lorna Jane is a global fashion label, but many wouldn’t know this is actually Lorna Jane, the person from Australia.

“I didn’t set out to change women’s fashion, I was just finding active wear that I wanted to wear and that would inspire me,” Jane said.

It’s been no overnight success. In fact, it has taken 25 years to build a brand now worth more than $600 million with 150 stores worldwide.

“Sixty-five per cent of women who wear active wear don’t work out in it, so there’s most definitely been a shift,” Jane continued.

Active wear is now the fastest growing category in fashion. It will generate $2 billion in sales this year, which is up $200 million from last year. Little wonder brands not known for fitness gear want a piece of the action.

Not only are we seeing country road and many other retailers in this space but we’re seeing the discount department stores take place in this space as well, it’s very much a trend.

Read the full article and watch the video here. First published on Yahoo!7 on January 13th 2015