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Sustainability Whitepaper 2021

As a retail leader, you understand the importance of using the latest consumer and market insights to build and drive your strategy and success. Particularly, insights into the global retail landscape allow you to stay ahead of the curve and provide valuable lessons on what to do, and importantly, what not to do. It’s also critical for understanding the trends that …

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Has the sexiness of digital clouded our vision?

By Joshua Strutt Strategy Analyst, Retail Doctor Group The world is shifting increasingly towards omnichannel. There is so much opportunity in the digital stratosphere and its ability to connect consumers to your product, but with our heads turned in one direction have we lost focus on our physical delivery? Have we become seduced?  Even though we like to focus on the new and exciting elements in …

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Back to basics in uncertain times

By Peter Sheppard Head of Implementation, Retail Doctor Group Why being a business “fit” retailer will never be obsolete? Whilst the vast majority of commentary is currently taking up with the deserved importance of online retail, especially in times of COVID-19, we see most retailing activities are still being done in physical stores and this blog is to remind us …

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The retail goal posts are moving

By Peter Sheppard Head of Implementation, Retail Doctor Group For decades now, since the start of shopping centres, rental levels have been based on the affordability of retailers, and therefore, the combined metrics of sales and gross profit generated by that location decided the rental level and was agreed on by way of a lease. It was therefore in the …

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