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Acknowledging consumers’ emotions can improve the customer instore experience

Anastasia Lloyd-wallis Consumers have trouble admitting that their emotions are their best shopping buddies. Almost 80% of participants in Clicktale’s study said they are rational when shopping. However, 74% of study participants have stress-shopped at least once in their life, while 40% of them said they often shop to let out some steam. Hacking into the customer’s brain and unravelling ways to …

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The 5 Golden Rules of reducing your occupancy costs: Rule #5 Underestimate the sales, overestimate the costs, then sell more

Understanding your trading environment (or proposed trading environment), your own business model and your lease contract on an intimate level are the key underpinnings of successfully driving down your occupancy costs. Sound easy? It really is. While signing a lease agreement can seem scary, it’s actually a logical process, which is simply taken for granted. The next time you’re considering …

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The 5 Golden Rules of reducing your occupancy costs: Rule #4 Negotiate confidently

Brian Walker Being a confident negotiator is mostly about having all the facts, which you should have if you’ve been following the first three Golden Rules. But if you still don’t feel confident about negotiating the lease, I would recommend working with an experienced professional leasing representative. It’s also useful to have some options (perhaps that should be Golden Rule …

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The 5 Golden Rules of reducing your occupancy costs: Rule #3 Mind your own business

One of the common characteristics of shops with high occupancy costs is that they often do not have a clear position or point of difference within the centre they plan to operate within. Having the right offer in the right environment is at the heart of driving down occupancy costs. Just as you have researched the centre’s performance, the next …

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