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How can we understand “Why”​ customers are attracted to one brand more than another?

Anastasia Lloyd-wallis One of the intriguing aspects of customers is why we choose one retail brand over another in our shopping patterns. Of course, to understand this and other motivations of us mere mortals in our shopping habits is one of the great keys to unlock. We know that our behaviours are determined by our subconscious brains, which can process …

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Limbic Article

The limbic system, the cognitive mind and the user illusion that misleads

Anastasia Lloyd-Wallis & Brian Walker The one single biggest irrationality in business decision-making comes back to the one underlying paradigm that is as common as it is incorrect – that the cognitive mind or the conscious mind determines what consumers do. “The consciousness of a consumer is like a government spokesperson who has to announce decisions they a) did not …

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