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Retailers Cannot Ignore Consumer Concerns Over Data Privacy

Anastasia Lloyd-Wallis With the growth of the digital and retail ecosystem we have seen the rise of data. It is now retail 101 to collect consumers email addresses at the point of sale to utilise in digital marketing, product development and personalisation. However, how is this affecting customers interactions with retailers? How is consumer behaviour changing towards the usage of …

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Amazon: Compete or Collaborate Whitepaper

In 2017, the Insights division of Retail Doctor Group conducted research to see what consumers and retailers thought of Amazon before it launched in Australia. Last year, we followed up to see how sentiments had changed 6 months following its launch. Now, over a year after Amazon’s Australian launch, we delve in again to see how consumer behaviour has evolved …

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How have Australian consumers and retailers reacted to Amazon since its launch?

Anastasia Lloyd-Wallis Amazon Australia launched in 2017 to a large consumer expectation, knowledge of the American brand had Australian consumers hungry for the potential offer and the plethora of products that would be available. Fast forward 19 months and the juggernaut is about to launch its second “Prime Day” and has added over 100 million additional products to its online …

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The megatrend being adopted by leading retailers

Brian Walker I do not believe in immortality of the individual, and I consider ethics to be an exclusively human concern with no superhuman authority behind it. – Albert Einstein Don’t sell me a product, sell me a purpose. This is now the catch-cry of some of the most successful global and domestic retailers, amid an increase in consumer consciousness …

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Nine ways to grow in a tough retail climate

Peter Sheppard  It seems one cannot read the retail news these days without learning about the demise of at least one retail business, and in some instances these are iconic national or international businesses. This week it’s about the likely collapse of Topshop and Topman. This business has been a stalwart of the fashion sector for more than six decades! …

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The new retail acronym you need to know

Brian Walker Let’s get physical, physical I want to get physical Let’s get into physical – Olivia Newton John What an amazing couple of years we have experienced in this sector – from the over-exaggeration of online dominance, to the growing understanding that the integration of online-to-physical retail is the real frontier. And now the landscape – whilst turbulent and …

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