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Seducing shoppers with Instagratification

Author: Laura Simone Andersen, Editor & Trend Specialist, Retail Institute Scandinavia – Ebeltoft Group Scandinavia   Generation Z has never walked into a store without a phone in their hand – they live through it and are constantly on the lookout for building and increasing their social capital through likes. Retailers should make good use of the opportunities within this …

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A look at the future of retail in 2019 and beyond

Brian Walker   There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in – Leonard Cohen, Anthem   The tectonic shifts in the retail space in 2018 have served their purpose in defining 2019. Retailers should expect to see a 30 per cent growth in online sales over the coming year, with 70 per cent of those sales …

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I Just Love The Christmas

Building Powerful Window Displays

Brian Walker   At any given time, the shopping centre precinct or high street strip can be a hive of activity with all retailers busily vying for the attention of their target customer. This is particularly true through the Christmas season. With over 90% of retailing done in Australian retail shops this Christmas, it’s never been more important to capture …

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Are you getting the best retail lease deal?

Peter Sheppard Committing to a new retail store lease is one of the most important decisions a retailer can make in setting up or growing a business. There are many pitfalls that are not that obvious at the outset for the untrained retailer who goes through this process, sometimes for the first time. The total value of the commitment is …

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How healthy paranoia could save your business

Brian Walker Success breeds complacency. Complacency breeds failure. Only the paranoid survive. – Andy Grove This Andy Grove quote is one of my personal favourite quotes, and as a reader of quotes, that’s saying something. To some degree, it addresses the question of what the 20-plus retail business collapses that have occurred in a wide range of categories in Australian …

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