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Amazon’s Impact on Australian Consumer Behaviour

How has Amazon changed consumer behaviour in Australia? What steps have retailers taken in response? What are the best fit strategies for retailers going forward? Retail Doctor Group has tracked shifts in consumer and retailer perceptions and behaviours prior to and following Amazon’s launch in Australia to provide industry leading insights. Join us on a complimentary Webinar to hear and …

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The Undeniable Power Of Retail Insight With Brian Walker Of Retail Doctor 696x348

PODCAST: The Undeniable Power of Retail Insight

There’s no denying that with the staying power of an e-commerce presence bringing a plethora of accessible analytics on consumer and global trends, retail businesses must adapt and tap into this data to survive and thrive. In this podcast with MarketScale, Retail Doctor Group CEO, Brian Walker, unpacks this idea of harnessing this data and converting it into usable insights …

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It’s getting personal. The power of consumer personality profiling

Brian Walker The way you dress is an expression of your personality. – Alessandro Michele Bob the builder is a likable middle-aged builder, who lives in Smithtown with his partner and two children. Bob enjoys a Friday evening out and typically votes Labor. He has lived in his local area for quite a few years. Bob visits his local Bunnings …

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Retail Doctor Social Responsibility Whitepaper

  Customers have never been more socially conscious. They want to feel that they are part of something greater when buying a brand. This is a prime opportunity for you, the retailer, to gain their trust and loyalty by following the number one rule of successful retailing: give your customers what they want. It’s never been more important for retailers to embrace …

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