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Anastasia Kate

We’re presenting at the Market Research for a Mobile World Conference

Retail Doctor Group’s Head of Insights, Anastasia Lloyd-Wallis is presenting at the Market Research for a Mobile World APAC Conference in Singapore, on June 27 and 28.Anastasia will be presenting the results of our research study into consumer perceptions and behaviour, both pre and post the launch of Amazon in Australia.The results found that: 1 in 3 of the Australian population now shop on 1 …

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Amazon Prime Air

Ignore Amazon at your peril

Peter Sheppard Are we fit enough to compete with this game changing retailer? That is a question nearly all traditional style retailers are asking, and if not, should be asking of themselves and their advisors. Amazon has just launched its Amazon Prime offer in Australia. Prime, as it is known wherever it operates, is a vital part to Amazon’s future …

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Amazon’s impact on Australian retail

Since the launch of Amazon in Australia in 2017, Australian retail leaders have been asking: How will Amazon impact the Australian retail landscape? How do we guide retailers through this disruption? Will it change Australian consumer behaviour? Retail Doctor Group’s Insights Division recently led a research study into consumer perceptions and behaviour towards the launch of Amazon in Australia and found …

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Is the discounting drug worse than the illness?

Peter Sheppard I am continually amazed when walking retail malls the amount of discounting that is offered by virtually all general merchandise retailers, be they fashion, homewares, jewellers or whatever category you can think of. This is true for the vast majority of the year, be it in peak trading times or not. I do not understand why a retailer …

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Retail Doctor Amazon Whitepaper

The lead up to the launch of Amazon Australia sent the retail industry into disruption. Retail Doctor Group has tracked consumer perceptions and gathered industry leading insights to answer some key questions regarding Amazon’s impact on the Australian retail landscape: How has Amazon’s arrival in Australia actually impacted consumer and retailer behaviour? What are the nation’s thoughts and reactions to this change in …

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Mark Bouris and Brian Walker talk business at The Illawarra Connection

Greg Ellis   Business and retail experts continue the impressive lineup of speakers continues at The Illawarra Connection in July and August. The Silver Anniversary black-tie dinner on August 7 at the Novotel Wollongong Northbeach will feature The Mentor himself Mark Bouris, of Yellow Brick Road. But registrations are being taken now for the annual TIC lunch on July 11 …

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Do you own the retail space?

Brian Walker “In a very real way, ownership is the essence of leadership. When you are ‘ridiculously in charge,’ then you own whatever happens in a company, school, et cetera. ” – Henry Cloud One of the first questions to consider in working with a retailer’s business, almost regardless of size, is to consider one simple question. A litmus test …

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