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shopperholdingclothesandbagsHow often have you walked out of a store because the music was too loud, the service was bad or nonexistent or you simply could not find what you were looking for?
A customer’s experience in store corresponds directly to their dwell time and here are some tips to improve and increase both.

Be relevant to your targeted customer.
Keep in touch with your demographic, connect with them and provide them with the right products and services for their needs and wants. Getting the right product in front of the right people is the key here.

Engage with progressive store designers.
These people not only understand form of design, they also focus in on the “sweet spot” of form and function. Be innovative and create something different from your competitors that will stimulate curiosity.

Fitness Tip: Keep your merchandising fresh and your stock turns frequent and your customers will keep coming back to see what’s new.

Create excitement in your store.
Make the shopping experience enjoyable for your customers and they will want to stay all day. Excite their senses with music, visual and interactive displays and incorporate your merchandise into this.

Sell Sell Sell!
This may seem obvious, but stop and ask yourself, can my people actually sell? What are the compliance standards of my business? What is the sales process in my business?

Our research consistently shows that less than 40 per cent of opening the sale attempts are actually done well and open up the next stage in the retail sale process.

Fitness Tip: Conversion in speciality retail is typically less than 20 per cent

Take your customers on a journey.
Really give thought to the layout of your retail shops. Where do I want to navigate my customers? Where will my range and layout drive the most profitable results?

There is nothing like watching the way customers interact with your shops. How do they walk through them? Where do they go? How much of the shop floor do they actually walk? Our role as retailers is to navigate our customers.

Fitness Tip: On average over 70 per cent of people walk to the left when they enter a shop unless there is a barrier

What targets do you have in place for increase dwelling time? Are you a business that coaches your staff to obtain maximum customer engagement?

Contact the Retail Doctor to deliver your fitness plan to higher sales & profits.

Happy ‘Fit’ Retailing

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